Chat codes

These are codes you can use to reduce lag, or perform different functions such as making scroll messages and turning on protect mode.

Owner codes (You need to be an owner to use these)

/s Makes a scroll message e.g /sWelcome to my chat! You can also add a colour code to make it coloured. /sWelcome to my chat#FEDA18

Click here for a list of colour codes!

/p Turns on protect mode. New guests can’t talk for 3 minutes. (They appear gagged.)

/i shows who used scroll and protect last.

Guest codes (This means any rank can use it i.e Guest, member moderator, owner)

Macros – Click here to learn how to use macros Macros allow you to type a code such as $test and turn it into whatever you want, meaning you could make a long message much shorter. Example: $test=Hi everyone, welcome to my chat! How are you all? After you set the macro, you type $test and it will say “Hi everyone, welcome to my chat! How are you all?”

Codes to reduce lag!

$avatars=off (Turns off avatars)

$blast=off (Turns off blastpro, blastde and blastban)

$flix=off (Turns off flix animations)

$gitter=off (Turns off glitter on user avatars) *Remember it’s gitter, not glitter!*

$animate=off(Turns off animated avatars)

$sanimate=off(Turns off smiley animations)

To remove these codes (i.e turning the feature back on) type $animate=

Just change animate to the code you used.


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