xat Tr4de is a chat for users to safely trade xats, days and powers. In this chat, you must abide by these rules (the general idea of the rule is put in bold). This makes it a safe and clean environment for all users to trade and not be offended. If you are seen breaking the rules, consequences will immediately follow. 
      1. English only. 
      The only language that is allowed while in Tr4de is English. Greetings/goodbyes however, are an exception to this rule. Xat has a translator app available for those who cannot speak English.
      2. Don’t spam/flood. 
      Smiley spam without abuse is allowed. Generally up to 5 smiles that are not being traded is allowed, anything past this will be seen as abuse. Up to 4 repeated numbers/letters/pieces of punctuation is allowed, anything past this will be considered spam. A user can have as many smiles in their name as long as it doesn’t take up the entire screen and it doesn’t cause lag for other users. If someone complains that it does cause lag and a staff member tells you to remove a few smiles, then you are required to do so.  The maximum number of capital letters per message is three. The only exception to this rule are OWNERS. Anything more than 4 messages in a row will be considered flooding and you will be kicked. The only exception to the flooding rule are owners only when they’re announcing something.
      3. Be appropriate. 
      No sexual pictures, names,statuses or jokes. No bad smiley combinations which can be considered rude or offensive. No flirting. No swearing. Abbreviation of swear words such as “nigs” “fck” “sht” “jap” ect is not allowed at all. Swearing and any abbreviations of swear words will result in an instant ban. If you see a moderator swearing at any times, take a screenshot and report it to an owner. Comments and conversations that people will find offensive or rude are also not allowed. If think you’re having a controversial conversation and believe people might be offended by it, then you will have to take it to a different chat or a private chat.
      4. Be respectful. 
      Do not say anything that can be deemed as offensive towards someone. This includes flaming an individual, group, race or religion. If anyone is found to be doing this they should be reported immediately. Using (flip) in general isn’t considered flame, but if someone does “(flip) Tinker” or “(flip) you Tinker” then this will be seen as flame and the person will be punished. Any type of name calling is also not allowed, it doesn’t matter if the person who is being name called finds it funny or doesn’t mind being called that because someone else might be offended/hurt.
      5. Don’t lie. 
      Lying about any topic will not be allowed. Anyone providing false screenshots with the aim to get someone banned, will be banned for an undetermined amount of time. False help is not allowed, this includes power prices and providing users with false support. If you are found lying about any topic you will be punished immediately and any of your past claims will be redacted.
      6. Don’t impersonate. 
      Don’t impersonate xat staff, volunteers or tr4de staff. If you are caught impersonating, you will be banned immediately. If you see a moderator impersonate, report it to an owner immediately.
      7. No begging. 
      Do not ask for free xats, days or powers. Do not ask for ranks, ranks are earned. Anyone who asks for a rank will have their chance of getting a rank in the future reduced. If you want to earn a rank, please visit the blog and check the “member requirements” or the “Temporary Moderator Requirements” post. Constant begging for powers/days/xats will be considered a type of harassment and it will not be tolerated.
      8. No drama/disruption. 
      Disruption of Tr4de and its purposes will not be tolerated. Discussions of matters that lead to disputes are not allowed. False trading will not be tolerated as it is a form of disruption which then leads to drama in the main chat. If someone does false trade, then report it directly to a moderator or owner instead of posting about it in main. General chatting is not considered drama or disruption, but if other users are trying to trade and your conversation is flooding out their offers and no one is able to see their offers, then a moderator/owner will tell you to take the conversation to private chat. Yes Tr4de is a chat box, but the main reason for the chat is for users to trade powers/xats ect.  All users must have a name, which can consist of smilies or punctuation.
      9. Size. 
      The max size for smilies that can be used at the Trade chat is w7. Anything larger than this can cause disruption or drama and will not be tolerated. Anyone using a smiley with a size OVER w7 will be kicked, if it is used again then they will be banned.
      10. Give staff respect. 
      Don’t argue with staff and their decisions. If there are any problems, complaints or unfair behavior from a member of staff it should reported to directly to an owner. Do not post about their actions in the main pool as it will lead to drama. You can also use the message feature below the chat to speak directly to the main owner (Christina).
      11. Don’t question bans. 
      Don’t question why someone is banned. The chances are the ban is fair and should not be discussed. If you believe you’ve been banned unfairly use the message feature below the chat. Do not ask to be unbanned, if you feel that you were banned unfairly you can report the ban to an owner or directly to Christina here.
      12. Selling/trading. 
      Trading xats, days or powers for any form of in real life currency is allowed. However, if you do buy xats for real life currency, you are doing it at your own risk, if you are scammed in any way, Tr4de will not be responsible. ID/shortname sales are also allowed. It is your responsibility to find a middle man if you are selling IDs, powers for currency, or shortnames. Tr4de staff is not required to be middlemen in the transactions at all, you may ask them but it’s not guaranteed they will do it, it is recommended to ask them for trusted middlemen. Tr4de is not responsible if you get scammed/ripped off in any way. 
      13. Don’t advertise.
      Advertising is not allowed. Whether this be in your name, homepage, avatar or status. Anything not “mainstream” such as Youtube or images will not be allowed. You can not link other users to your chat or website. Doing so will result in an instant ban.
      14. Don’t harass staff/users.
      If you are caught harassing a staff member/user inside tr4de, you will be kicked/banned, depending how severe the harassment is. This means any type of harassment such as sexual, mental, bullying, spamming someone in pc/pm, any type of harassment will not be tolerated in Tr4de. This rule applies to everyone, staff and users. If you see a guest harassing someone, report it to a mod immediately with proof, if you see a member/mod harassing someone, report it to an owner with proof.
      15. Don’t abuse the bot. 
      The main reason for the bot is to help users find the price of a power and to quick ban anyone who cusses. General use of the bot is allowed, such as !typeracestart and !gameban, but if it starts taking over the entire chat and it washes out peoples offers for their powers, then it must stop. Abusing the bot will result in a kick and then a ban. If you need to test a smile then you can pc the bot and use !smileytest. Testing in main can cause disruption and should be avoided.